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Would you like to become a Licensed US Soccer Referee?

Got a sharp eye and an interest in earning money while staying fit and officiating the game you love?  Referees are in high demand all across South Texas!  It takes leadership and calm under pressure.  The pay is good and you have the opportunity to offer to work when it's convenient for you. The grass roots (entry-level) course is online with an additional virtual session with the instructor.

How do I become a Licensed US Soccer Referee?

The U.S. Soccer Learning Center, in collaboration with South Texas Soccer Referees provides all referee certifications (new and re-certifying). All referee candidates must be 13 years or olderLicenses issued now will be good through Dec 31st 2021!

Course Requirements for First Time Grassroots Referees:

Register – Latest 9/11/20 by 8pm to be on time for the Virtual Course below

Background check - if you are over the age of 18
$30 valid for 2 years
Online course - four (4) assignments in the US Soccer Learning Center (the Online Grassroots Referee Course Module must be completed 48 hours prior to the Virtual Session, latest by 6pm on 9/12/20)

$70 Total
Virtual Course – Provided by South Texas Soccer Referees, Sunday, September 13th at 5:30pm

 Note:  To work as a referee you will also need an official uniform kit which costs about $75


1. Create User Account – Go to Click on "Sign Up" in the upper right-hand corner and follow instructions to create a user account and register.  Registration will close at 8pm on 9/11/2020 to be on time for the Virtual Course.

2. Background CheckIf you are over the age of 18 log in to your account and select Background Check and follow the instructions.  Please note that clearance can take a few days.  So start early.  You don’t have to wait for the background check to start taking the online classes.
Register for the courses – To register, log-in to your account, click on “courses” in the upper left-hand corner. In the left column, you will see a button for Grassroots – First-time Referee and after clicking to that page, you will see a button on the right to go to the course list.  

3. Online course – The online course involves a 4.5-hour e-learning experience that unites a variety of videos and learning modules which prepares candidates for their assigned tasks and responsibilities as a Grassroots Referee.  Please complete the Online Grassroots Referee Course at least 48 hours prior to the Virtual Class – latest by 6pm on 9/12/2020.

4. Virtual Course – Upon completion of the online course, you will receive an invite to the one hour virtual course.  Attendance is taken and the virtual course must be attended in entirety for credit.  If you miss the virtual course you will be invited to a later virtual course.  Information on how to get on the game schedules will be provided at the virtual session.

If you have problems creating an account, or problems with the U.S. Soccer website, email the U.S. Soccer Referee Department or call U.S.Soccer at (312) 528-1296 for assistance.

5. Referee! - Once you have your Referee certification and your official uniform you contact your Referee Assignor (or several local assignors) and get on their mailing list. The Assignor sends out the schedules with the games.  You respond, letting the Assignor know which games you are available to work. The Assignor responds, letting you know which games are yours.  You confirm the games. You work, you get paid!

Referee Licensing FAQ

Do you have to be an Inter Woodlands FC player/member to attend the referee course?  This is a US Soccer Grassroots Referee course.  It is open to anyone who wishes to become a licensed soccer referee.  Regardless of your home club we are happy to help you get your license!

If I become a Licensed Referee, what clubs can I work for?  With a US Soccer Referee License, you can referee for any US Soccer affiliated club in South Texas.  If you move, you may also be able to transfer your license to another state.

How much do referees earn?  At Inter Woodlands FC, Center referees are paid between $20/game for U8 to $60/game for U17.  Assistant Referees are paid between $20/game for U11 to $35/game for U17. We also pay in 2-5 business days.  Other clubs have their own pay structures.  Contact your local clubs for more information.

What ages can I referee?  Referees need to have sufficient experience and know-how for the caliber and age of the game.  In addition, the center referee needs to be two years older that the players on the field.  Typically Assistant Referees need to be the same age or older than the referees on the field.

Referee Game Day - ​Local Rules and Regulations

Arrival Time  :   Referees are expected to be at the field 30 minutes prior to the game (20 minutes for 7U -10U games). In case of a delay the Referee Assignor needs to be informed IMMEDIATELY.

Attire  :   Official referee gear to be worn at all times (no crew socks, athletic shorts, etc.  -  jersey tucked in when entering the vicinity of the fields), under armour gear must be black 

Rules  :   FIFA rules apply

                 Exceptions for 7U/8U games -

  •             All offenses are punishable by indirect freekick - no penalty kicks
  •             No offside calls - players should be urged to clear from an extreme offside position
  •             Opponents need to keep sufficient distance at the restart of the game (5 yards in general, 15 yards at goal kick)

Reporting  :   11U-19U  -  mail in game card to TYSA (address on game card)

                        7U-10U    -  report results to Coaches

Payment  :   Through person-to-person direct deposit. Provide email address linked to your bank account as well as mobile phone number to Inter Woodlands FC treasurer (Roland Keller 936-443-6608 or